B&B Organic Dry Shampoo for Dogs

B&B Organic Dry Shampoo for Dogs

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This shampoo is perfect for the dog that doesn't like bathing or if you need a quick fix without the mess. B&B Dry Shampoo cleans and degreases the fur quickly and efficiently. The dry shampoo absorbs moisture and grease from the fur, so it stays clean for longer. At the same time, the dry shampoo gives the coat a pleasant light scent of jasmine.
You simply use the product on dry fur and brush it well into the fur. We recommend using a Dutkarde or a bristle/nylon brush. 

  • Cleans and degreases the coat 
  • Gives the coat a pleasant scent
  • Without the use of water
  • Takes only a few minutes to use
  • Without the use of water and towels.
  • Made without artificial dyes, perfumes, silicone and parabens.

Bonus info!

This unique dry shampoo is brilliant for loosening felt and knots in the fur. Sprinkle B&B dry shampoo directly into the felt and massage it in with your fingers. Then brush through in layers until you feel the felt loosen

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