The Ultimate Paw Care Combination

The Ultimate Paw Care Combination

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B&B Paw Wax and Organic Paw Care presents an exceptional protection, effortlessly applicable even between your dog's foot pads. This combination combats dryness and promoting flexibility in the foot pads to resist tears and wounds. It proves invaluable during winter's cold, salt-laden conditions and hot summer asphalt, both of which can lead to painful cracks and sores.

For optimal paw protection, apply B&B Paw Wax thirty minutes before a walk and, upon returning home, use this paw care cream. This combination is recommended since the paw care cream, while highly effective, doesn't provide the same protection against salted roads and hot asphalt as a dedicated paw wax would.

The paw wax forms a shielding layer, safeguarding the paw from potential harm caused by salt and other substances. The cream swiftly penetrates the skin, featuring a unique blend of almond oil, apricot oil, olive oil, lavender oil, as well as wheat bran and olive oil, making it an exceptionally effective product for profound paw care.

Key Features:

  • Easy application
  • Combats dryness
  • Recommended for year-round use
  • Rapidly penetrates, leaving the paw smooth
  • Free from parabens, toxins, artificial perfumes, etc.
  • Completely non-toxic for your dog, even if licked after treatment

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