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Introducing B&B Professional Trimming Powder, a mineral-based grooming essential designed specifically for rough-haired dogs, spaniels, and other trimming coats. This magical trimming powder, derived from volcanic origins, is your indispensable companion for handpicking, trimming with a trimming stone, or using a trimming knife.

The unique mineral mixture increases friction, providing better grip on individual hairs and facilitating their release from the root. This not only speeds up the grooming process but also reduces strain on your hands and ensures a more comfortable experience for your furry friend.

The trimming powder absorbs dirt and grime from the fur, leaving it clean and refreshed. Its high silicon content also benefits the skin and fur, promoting regeneration and overall health.

Simply apply the magic trimming powder to the desired area using your fingers or a small brush, and continue until you've trimmed the entire coat.

  • Makes grooming easier and faster
  • Cleans and cares for fur and skin
  • Easy application
  • Contains 200 grams of volcanic minerals, including Clinoptolilite

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