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B&B's Earpick powder is a 100% natural mineral product which makes it easy for you to gently remove annoying hair from the dog's ear canal. This fine mineral powder has a soothing effect on the skin, while helping to remove excess fat and dirt from the ear canal.

Application: Put a little Earpick on your fingers and pick a few hairs out of the dog's ear at a time. you will find that Earpicks cause the hairs to come out more easily and you get a form of 'resistance' which means that a long and tough pull is not made. By simply using B&B Earpicks and your fingers, you avoid damaging/picking the dog inside the ear. It is important that the ear fur is 'mature' (ready to shed) to come off without discomfort for the dog.

Note: It is a general rule that you only pick healthy ears. If the ear smells, the dog scratches its ears, if there is redness in the ear, etc., the vet should be contacted first before ear picking. On puppies under 6-7 months, as a general rule, hair is not plucked from the ear canal, as the fur is not ready to shed.

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