B&B Short Karte
B&B Short Karte

B&B Short Karte

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Experience the functionality and precision of B&B's short karte, the ultimate grooming solution for curly or shorter, dense coats. Engineered with functionality, durability, and stability in mind, this grooming karte ensures that the quality of the spikes remains firm and stable even through extended use.

Crafted with precision, B&B's fixed, luxurious karte features short, angled, and tightly rounded spikes. The unique design, length, density, and 40-degree angle of the spikes makes it exceptionally effective for stretching curly furs, such as those of Poodles, Bichon Frizes, Spanish Water Dogs, Lagotto Romagnolos, Doodles, and more. Additionally, it is perfect for removing undercoat on shorter, dense coats.

Featuring an ergonomic handle made of dark beech wood and long, angled, rounded spikes with a 40-degree angle, grooming has never been more efficient.

  • Perfect for curly or shorter, dense coats
  • Material: beech wood and metal
  • Small: small and medium sized dogs (168 mm. x 86 mm. x 70 mm.)
  • Medium: larger and very large dogs (172 mm. x 107 mm. x 70 mm.)
  • Ergonomic handle

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